Ryan Johns

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Johns has a background in finance as a wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley, and has been involved in the coal industry in various capacities since 2000. Mr. Johns has been with the RH Group since 2015

David Bradley

Manager Land Department

Mr. Bradley’s involvement in the coal industry began in 1974, and has managed land departments for Utah International, Pyramid Mining. Mr. Bradley has been the Land Manager for the RH Group since 2006.

Glenn Turner

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Turner has been involved with the coal business since 1971, and has been with the RH Group since 1993. Mr. Turner has managed surface and deep mines, supervised mine planning, wash plants, drill crews, permitting and reclamation activities.

John Harris

President and CEO

Mr. Harris has been with the RH Group since 1983.  As a brother to founder Ross Harris, Mr. Harris has been a major influence in the company’s growth and planning since the beginning.  John is a CPA and has directed the company’s financial resources and strategic planning.