The Ross Harris Group is comprised of over 30 companies with common ownership and a common purpose – To optimize the value of its natural resource holdings while protecting the environment for future generations.  Founded by the late Ross Harris over thirty years ago, the RH Group has followed Mr. Harris’ vision of acquiring underappreciated assets and then having a well-defined plan and the patience to execute that plan to create value.  His vision and creed permeate and still guide us.  With its corporate offices located in Pikeville, Kentucky, the RH Group has holdings in Kentucky, Virginia and West Virginia.  It has a diverse array of assets including: a unique metallurgical coal development opportunity, vast thermal coal reserves, over 160,000 acres of oil and gas holdings, thousands of acres of timber lands and significant real estate suitable for commercial, industrial and residential development.  The RH Group has gone beyond the traditional utilization of its assets.  To create value, it has delved into areas such as generating carbon credits to sell in the California Cap and Trade program;  partnering with solar energy professionals to  evaluate and develop sites for solar energy development and evaluating properties for the opportunity to develop and sell mitigation credits, to name a few.

The RH Group is led by a seasoned management group that has over 120 years of combined experience in the management and development of natural resources. On average, team members of have been with the RH Group for over 15 years.  The dedication and experience of our team members allow the RH Group to operate as a lean and efficient organization. With its focus on the future and not the past, the RH Group will continue to look for ways to unlock hidden value from its ever expanding portfolio of assets.

Learn About Our Management Team

Ross Harris Group has assembled a management team and staff that are dedicated to optimizing the organization’s potential. With an average term of employment of over fifteen (15) years, our employees are committed to the company and its success.  With a depth of experience in finance, mining, engineering, project development and land development, the management team provides expert and practical guidance for the long-term success of the company. Our diversity of natural resource assets and tried and proven management team have allowed the company to survive and thrive in the volatility that is the energy industry.  The Management team prides itself on innovative thinking that does not rely on what has worked in the past but is focused on that will provide value in the future.

Following are brief bios of the key management personnel.

John Harris

President and CEO

Mr. Harris has been with the RH Group since 1983.  As a brother to founder Ross Harris, Mr. Harris has been a major influence in the company’s growth and planning since the beginning.  John is a CPA and has directed the company’s financial resources and strategic planning.

Glenn Turner

Vice President of Operations

Mr. Turner has been involved with the coal business since 1971, and has been with the RH Group since 1993. Mr. Turner has managed surface and deep mines, supervised mine planning, wash plants, drill crews, permitting and reclamation activities.

David Bradley

Manager Land Department

Mr. Bradley’s involvement in the coal industry began in 1974, and has managed land departments for Utah International, Pyramid Mining. Mr. Bradley has been the Land Manager for the RH Group since 2006.

Ryan Johns

Vice President of Business Development

Mr. Johns has a background in finance as a wealth advisor with Morgan Stanley, and has been involved in the coal industry in various capacities since 2000. Mr. Johns has been with the RH Group since 2015