The R. H. Group’s foundation was built on coal and we see great value remaining in the coal sector. The Company is convinced that coal will still play a key role in meeting the world’s energy need. Located on the major coal transportation arteries in CAPP, R. H. Group’s coal holdings can help meet both the domestic and international market’s demands. In recognition of coal’s evolving role in the electrical generation sector, the Company is continually reevaluating its coal assets for their acceptability in the metallurgical and industrial markets.

The R. H. Group has assembled the assets for a unique metallurgical coal project.  This project, which can be producing within a six months’ timeframe, is comprised on over 117 million tons of very high quality, high-vol coal reserves, mining permits, a modern preparation plant and tipples on both the CSX and NS railways.  This project represents the highest quality, most economically feasible large scale metallurgical coal development opportunity in the U. S.

The Company controls over 200 million tons of high BTU thermal reserves in the CAPP region.  Many of these reserves are very low ash and have ash mineral qualities that make them candidates for the specialized industrial coal markets.